Portable Closet Wardrobes: Pros and Cons

Have you run from storage space inside your closet? If clothing are taking over the bedroom of yours, laundry room and each alternate possible area, it is time to think about portable closet wardrobes. Among probably the sturdiest and most affordable designs will be the Whitmor Polypro transportable wardrobe.

Whether additional storage for a vintage garment or perhaps an area to switch out your seasonal items are needed by you, these produce a great deal of lightweight wardrobe storage. The Whitmore’s black colored decor stops it from rolling away visually, while the clothes rack of its is perfect for long term storage.

Features and sizes

You’ve 2 size choices when it involves the Whitmor transportable closet wardrobes, 60 inch and 36 inch. This’s available for all those who have limited floor room for the wardrobe itself.

Other features include:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Zippered front
  • Cost potent *Only 11.6 lbs, unloaded
  • Extra support for bigger wardrobes
  • Clear viewing window


When you would like to keep away winter clothes or perhaps just require a substitute for Halloween or perhaps dress up clothes, numerous times you do not wish to shell out a fortune on closet building or perhaps development. Portable wardrobe closets like these’re option.

The Whitmor unit can hold up very well actually under serious winter clothes because of additional cable support as well as bungee system. But cheap models offered at many retailers are fragile as well as often drop over in case you get much more than a couple of pieces of clothes hung on them.

The Whitmor gentle fabric covering protects your clothes from dust. But a frequent problem with wooden built closets is the fact that you are able to store your clothing in a single season and then locate them covered with debris if you want them within their correct season.

So in case you do not wish to clean all of your winter clothing when autumn sets in, an excellent covered portable wardrobe is quite handy. Hang a few of cedar sachets internal and moth issues will be prevented by you as well.


Coverings appear to be a problem with this model; for a number of unknown reason the company discovered that a gentle felt fabric will be best. While it might look good and feel great to the touch, this causes it to be pretty delicate. You are going to have to be mindful when installing the cover or perhaps it will be ripped by you!

Nevertheless, one particular customer did mention that in case you place the cover on prior to the starting this wasn’t a huge deal.


As you are able to see there is really simply no requirement to stuff anything at bay in totes in the crawl space and under the bed. Whitmor portable wardrobes are a robust, inexpensive and unobtrusive solution to the issue.

Whether you’re off to university, living in a tiny apartment or perhaps simply have more clothes than your standard closet is able to keep, these storage products are a good way to manage, store as well as — above all — defend your clothes.

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